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Agglomerations and local units in 2010

Display the agglomerations in year 2010 of an area within the GoogleMaps API. You can display the local units related to an agglomeration by clicking on this agglomeration. In the same time, a chart of an attribute data will be displayed below the map.

Step 1 : the area

You can display the agglomerations in year 2010 of an area. Select your area here :

Step 2 : the attributes

You can display some charts of the attributes data related to an agglomeration. Select your attributes here (multi-selection is possible) :

Step 3: historical data

The charts of the attributes data needs a time period. This time period is also used to display the local units. In this way, you can see the evolution in the time of the local units of one agglomeration and of the attributes data. Select your time period here :

Fixed Year

Final step : submit

Submit your request. An interactive map and a table of the agglomerations in year 2010 will be displayed below.

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